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image credit: Photo by Debra Vaughn/Whidbey News-Times by DEBRA VAUGHN , Whidbey News-Times Staff reporter Today at 7:00AM Aspen Ellerbe wielded a dimpled smile, a blue sparkly tiara and a wicked swing. The 6-year-old and a lot of other children waited in line to pummel Navy security officers with foam-covered batons, part of a demonstration that showed self-defense techniques. It was just one stop at Oak Harbors National Night Out on Tuesday. I hit him in the foot! she squealed. parents smiled. The Navy security officer was dressed in a redman suit, protective head-to-toe padding. This is the fourth year theyve taken their kids to the event. Its a chance to have fun as a family, for little and big kids to climb aboard rescue boats, fire trucks and all the other shiny equipment local police and firefighters use. Fun aside, Amanda Ellerbe said her family likes to pick up information on community resources. best siteAnd she wants to make sure her kids form a positive association with police and rescue personnel.

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